Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday Meditations - Drama Queen

Drama is a genetic trait in some families. 
From the stories I have heard of my maternal grandmother, she was a fiery petite thing that could intimidate Goliath to a "yes m'am" retreat. The melodrama that goes along with it can be counted as a virtue or a vice - the situation seems to determine which sometimes.  Maybe a bit Scarlett O'Hara style.  (Just so you know, I don't really like her character or that book, but she does have some high drama!) This flair does seem to lessen with each generation, so there is hope for the future.  Sometimes, I get a little smug thinking it must have skipped my DNA then I need the reminder that "if everyone else is having a problem, it's probably not everyone else"! Humility and, well, just a basic regard for truth, says "It's me!"  I am likely the one with the issues, and I need take a deep breath and see the reality of living in our fallen world.  I have a heart problem that is only solved by grace.  And in this broken world, a recognition that everything isn't what it is supposed to be.

Pastor Ritch mentioned that phrase in his sermon this week:  Principles of Spiritual Leadership (2 Samuel 5:1-25).  Trying to see the big picture of how "things are not supposed to be this way" and each of us must be ambassadors as we work to bring some of God's heaven to earth.  For all believers, where ever we are working or living or playing, this is our reasonable service.  Point five states: A spiritual leader fights necessary battles.  I admit, I do feel like quitting sometimes because the battle is too hard...  some days are just like that. But I can't allow Drama Queen ME to rule my world; that's not my calling; I'm to be an ambassador for the King and a shepherd - leading others toward holiness and the grace of God.

Grace for the day,