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Personal & Passionate CM Consulting:  
I am passionate about helping others see the beauty in Charlotte Mason's Philosophy of Education. I am committed to coming alongside and showing you how easy it can be.  I would love to visit with you and encourage you anyway I can!  I have often found myself in a position to help and encourage other CM folks along the journey and have seen the process and results of applying Charlotte's philosophy and methodology in a wide range of situations.  Of course, I will share from our own experience home educating as well!  We have mostly home educated, but also experienced a bit of public schools (from which we withdrew to begin our homeshooling adventure), charter and private schools, as well as International Schools for a some of our time overseas.  We found AmblesideOnline during the early years and plunged in-learning along the way.  God's grace is abundant!  I have three terrific students. The oldest daughter is a successful scholar and soon to be grad student. Our middle one is following her passion for Urban Ministry at a Bible College. And our youngest son is a freshman business major and music enthusiast.  Though it is strangely quiet at home this fall, I continue to be an active Home Education advocate and Charlotte Mason Mentor!

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General Consulting:
You can email me with any homeschooling or Charlotte Mason questions at I would love to help make your adventure a smooth and joyful one.  I try to respond to email questions weekly. All general homeschooling and Charlotte Mason questions and those specific to Ambleside Online or House of Education Online are always Gratis!
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Personal Consultations:
I understand we sometimes just need to talk things through, hear a voice, and interact! I regularly consult with CM friends, old and new. If you need a bit of encouragement and want to set up a call, contact me at with 'Consulting' in the subject line and I will work with you to schedule a 1-2 hour conversation time via phone, skype or a face-to-face if possible.  I will send you a simple questionnaire to give us some background and context.  Then, we can each sit down with a favorite cup of tea and a notepad and chat away!  (I do charge a $60 fee for a personal one-time consultation).
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Personal Consultation: 1/2 day session
If you need something more than an initial boost and a little direction, we can set up some follow up time.  I offer a ½ day Personal Consultation where I give a short CM synopsis and help you see how to integrate more practical methods that make your schooling more effective.  We talk schedules, problem solve, and discuss CM methods and philosophy.  I will share from my CM experience-both successes and failures, suggest practical choices, evaluate with you, pray for you and with you.
"Kelli helped me organize my thoughts and envision practical ways to implement Charlotte Mason's methods in our larger family!  She shared great ideas for scheduling and proved to be a rich resource for choosing good, living books.  The time she spent with me educated, inspired, and equipped me for putting these excellent ideas into practice!" ~ Alane Wiegman
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Personal Consultation: Administration Help
Sometimes just the idea of getting started or putting things all together can be daunting.  Too many choices can be confusing!  If you need help with the administration aspects like choosing curriculum, figuring out a Scope & Sequence, scheduling your year or organizing your days, I will come alongside or even provide some of those things for you.  If you need it, I can give you all the up front ‘tools’ you need to confidently approach CM schooling and concentrate on applying it in your home rather than all the planning and paper work.  I can do the organization and put it all together.  I can even help you figure out how you can do it yourself next time if you like.
“When I began using the Charlotte Mason approach several years ago, Kelli made all the difference for our family. Kelli was instrumental in helping me understand what the CM philosophy meant and how to apply it to our home school. With her vast knowledge of good books, Kelli helped me make wise curriculum choices, plan scope and sequences, and make daily, weekly and yearly schedules. She provided scope & sequences and yearly schedule plans for me.  Then, as I was ready and had more time, she helped me begin to plan and adapt schedules myself. She has continued each year to counsel me in designing a plan for each of my many children and advise me on how I can work with several of my children simultaneously. Kelli’s help in planning and advising me over the years has been an invaluable blessing in our personal and homeschooling lives!”   ~ Christy Deutsch
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Personal Consultation: Mentoring
I also consult on a scheduled basis; sometimes learning a little along the way is a more consistent and relaxed process.  Home education can be overwhelming, even chaotic at times, and a mentor may be the best support to provide accountability and keep you on track.  We schedule ½ hour sessions four times a term where we cover topics to help you learn as you go and discuss any issues or questions that come up.  My sincere hope is to come alongside to help you apply a Charlotte Mason education with beauty and grace.