Sunday, March 9, 2014

Living Books & Vital Interests

A few months ago I posted a few of my favorite children’s books in response to some young moms requesting ideas for quality literature for their little guys.  I had just given a talk about moms (and children) being whole persons that need vital ideas to think about.  You can find the list of resources and books here: Living Books for Little Ones.  (Below are a few living books for different age levels that cover geography). The topic of quality literature and living books seems to come up often.

I will be giving a couple of workshop sessions next month at the Central Illinois Home Educators Convention.  One is on Great Literature and Living Books: Breathing New Life and Interest Into Any Curriculum.  Though this will not be specifically Charlotte Mason Philosophy, I will be discussing the qualities that distinguish a living book and why and how we can incorporate this approach ‘across the curriculum’. (You CMers will see a lot of familiar methodologies!)

What are living books anyway?  Let’s consider it… 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Pooh and the Polar Vortex

I think Pooh's English countryside is a little milder than our Midwest winter this year.  Still, our toes are cold too...

The more it snows {Tiddely-pom},
The more it goes {Tiddely-pom},
The more it goes  {Tiddely-pom}
On snowing.

And nobody knows {Tiddely-pom}
How cold my toes {Tiddely-pom}
How cold my toes {Tiddely-pom}
Are growing.

A.A. Milne, House at Pooh Corner (p.4)