Sunday, December 2, 2012

or who they won't know

Dear friend,

Here is the second part of Who you know...

I often emphasize the idea of speaking truth into our children's lives (really into any person's life).  The truth of Scripture is the only liberty we have in giving direction toward what to think as a formative tool in a child's education - "An Atmosphere, A Discipline, and A Life" are delineated in Charlotte Mason's volumes on educational philosophy.  I'll explain more on that in another post.  For now, let's think a little more about that idea of speaking truth...

The truth of Scripture is not something we know automatically.  That is why the Bible is considered special revelation vs. general revelation that points us toward God.  Only Scripture tells us clearly the Gospel - God's plan - THE plan - from the beginning of time, to bring us into a right relationship with him through Jesus Christ.  If we don't read the Bible and know what it says, we are without that truth.  If we don't read it consistently, our relationship is shallow and, like the children of Israel in the Old Testament, we will forget.

I'm reading through the Old Testament chronologically - very slowly.  I have been sitting in the minor prophets for a while and have begun Hosea. I have noticed, as you probably have before, that throughout Bible history, the people quickly forget God.  Even when they have a king or person that follows God, the very next generation wanders away. Is it because our everyday practice is so easily accepted and intrinsically chosen?  Our habits that focus on ourselves keep us distracted and contented perhaps.  When we don't live whole-heartedly toward God, do we teach that to the next generation?  In Hosea 4: 1 & 6 the Lord accuses Israel and declares that there is "no knowledge of God in the land", and speaking to the priests "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge... you have forgotten the law of your God".  We must know the truth to be able to speak it into the lives of others. If we don't deliberately choose to know God, we will not teach our children how to know him either; this is the moment when who you know truly matters. 

Grace for the day,