Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Charlotte Mason Help

Helping other Home Educators and Afterschoolers is something I have done for a long time now.  Everyone has challenges and strengths in different areas and when we discuss and share those ideas, we all are encouraged; We need each other don't we! We support each other in our learning and application of Charlotte Mason principles in our local CM study group if we are fortunate to have that, otherwise we reach out to other like-minded educators and ask questions and discuss ideas and thoughts and compare them with Charlotte Mason's writings and instruction.  There is always more to learn!  I have the privilege of sharing about the Charlotte Mason Education approach through conferences, speaking engagements, workshop sessions, our local CM study group, online Charlotte Mason support groups, and here on my blog, Grace for the Day.

I recently set up a new blog page listing with all the mentoring and consulting help I offer.  I continually meet new friends and Charlotte Mason folks who are looking for support and encouragement.  It seems to be a more frequent request lately and I wanted to share some options with you.  My Charlotte Mason Help page has the details and more about about Personal Consultation options.  Here is the General Consulting information.

Let's connect...
General Consulting:
You can email me with any homeschooling or Charlotte Mason questions at gracefulthought.blog@gmail.com. I would love to help make your adventure a smooth and joyful one.  I try to respond to email questions weekly. All general homeschooling and Charlotte Mason questions and those specific to Ambleside Online or House of Education Online are always Gratis!

My sincere hope is to come alongside and help you apply a Charlotte Mason Education with beauty and grace and encourage you in your CM schooling!