Thursday, September 5, 2013

Summer Sabatical to School Day Schedules

Whirlwinds and Hurricanes

The summer seems to have passed with a whirlwind.  The beginning of the school year brings schedules and routine that for some are difficult to embrace.  For others of us, the dust settles a bit and our days become more steady.

Do whirlwinds have centers like hurricanes?
I thought of this as I was reflecting on the past couple of months.  Some days feel like I am so close to reaching the center that any moment things will be calm and still.  And other times I view things with a peaceful certainty that all is right with the world.

Maybe, you say, I am just an optimist, thinking that the next day may bring the quiet relaxing days of nostalgic summers.  Hmmm... perhaps since I occasionally walk around and speak of the dust fairy, "I do believe, I do believe"; but things remain dusty .  

Rembrandt - The Storm on the Sea of Galilee
I will just move on thankful that a dust-free environment is not a requirement for peace!  I would say though, that we ARE called to be eternal optimists in a way.  We are aliens in a world where the wind blows and torrent swirls around us.  Yet as we live under the wings of the God who is our Strong Tower, let us live day after day singing the praise of His Name (Psalm 61).  God give us grace for our days...