Monday, June 3, 2013

Sample CM highschool transcript

Dear CM friend,

Really, you can CM through high school and still keep it CM!

It's amazing what the upper years accomplish.  Our goals didn't change, our educational philosophy didn't change, therefore our methods didn't change.  It does look a bit different - just because they are older.  Of course, this covers four years of schooling, and four years of growing!  Here is what it might look like when you put those upper years into a more formal resume - the transcript.  It is a non-traditional format, but all translated to fit the academia mindset :-).  Take a look and feel free to use it as a template for your own student.  We use Ambleside Online as our base curriculum - this is an unofficial transcript based on that.  You can preview it and download it from my website CM Pages by Grace for the day.  We are finishing up this season and look forward to watching how this wonderful Charlotte Mason Education has made a difference for the next stage of life... and on through a lifetime of learning.