Friday, May 31, 2013

Atlas Shrugged

by Ayn Rand - A SHORT Review of a LONG book

So, with my choice already decided in my head, I quickly clicked "ADD THIS TO MY CART" without reading the summary or other pertinent information with as much attention as I usually do. I had heard some brief but rave reviews from blurbs of conservative sources.  I confidently planned this book for my leisure reading over our week's vacation in Jamaica not knowing that it would add a few pounds to my personal carry on and 1,168 pages of 'light' reading!  So it was a bit more than I had intended for vacation - good thing we had a beautiful place to relax and plenty of reading time!

Noble House

(Click the link to see more about the villa - I highly recommend it! The staff is as lovely as the property!)

This is one of those novels that show you a futuristic story of 'What Would Happen If' a society, culture or government should embrace a philosophy where a premise upon which is acted may have different consequences.  Atlas Shrugged is an excellent follow through to the logical outcomes for those who give up the pursuit of using their mind and embrace an entitlement mentality. Real time editing would be hard to do if reading to a younger audience. Better for those able to handle mature themes. It is decidedly secular in approach as well; but well defined terms clarify Rand's derisive attitude toward religious beliefs which are only sparsely mentioned until the ending "speech". At this point, the author breaks with the story and has the character rant (for several pages) - very oddly out of context - on Christianity specifically. Strange as it was only alluded to in a few comments over the course of a 1,000+ page book. I was a bit disappointed with that, but otherwise found the ideas depicted in the book compelling and would highly recommend it as a must read with discussion for mature high school seniors and up!