Sunday, February 17, 2013

baby dear

[baby dear,] 
How did you just come to be you?
God thought about me, and so I grew.

But how did you come to us, you dear?
God thought about you, and so I am here.
George McDonald 1824-1905
from... Where did you come from, baby dear

So many new little ones around!  What a blessing children are - beautiful little persons, created and planned so precisely by the God who formed them and knows each detail about them.

Though I am not at all an artist, I drew this several years ago when I first learned of little Greyson.  The words of Psalm 139 were in my mind as I attempted to capture my thoughts. Several words are written that aren't clear in the picture.  I used Strong's Hebrew dictionary/lexicon for definitions.  Huge disclaimer: I don't know Hebrew, and I am not sure these are the appropriate words for this translation - they made sense to me to convey the meaning and thoughts I had, but they are not taken directly from this passage of scripture. Here are the words and definitions:
Yhovah yada' = Oh Lord, Thou knowest
palah = wonderfully made
yatsar = to form, purpose (days)
'owr = light shines
raqam = embroider, variegate color
'achwor = behind
qedem = before