Friday, February 8, 2013

A Cold, Clear Day

A while back I challenged us to get out and take a walk.  I have been out a few times since, though not as much as I'd like and certainly nothing to call consistent.  I promised a follow-up.
Here is a picture and a journal entry from my December walk while we were visiting Texas.  Don't you just love the brilliant blue sky?  It had warmed up and the sun was shining on the whole world I could see! The wind kept us remembering that it was winter (even in Texas).  We were reminded more a couple of days later when there were 3" of snow coating the scenery outside the window.
As we wondered down the dirt lane, I was struck by the oaks standing guard along the sides of the pastures.  The wind was blowing so I only stopped for a quick sketch and a bark rubbing.  I worked a little on it after we got back inside.  But the warm tea was calling and my shading was left unfinished.  Here is my entry for this cold, clear day...
Have you been out wandering or discovering a peaceful moment or a beauty spot?  Or maybe just a fun family memory you were able to have on your walk.  Share with us...
If you haven't breathed the winter air recently,  enjoy a grace-filled moment and bundle up and go out to hear the birds along the street in front of your house today!