Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Garden Survey

I haven't kept a garden journal before.  Intended to... sounds like such a lovely idea. I do have a very sparse Nature Journal that I plan to begin filling with flower sketches and observations - art lessons start tomorrow with Lauren!

It is amazing how much changes with growing things in such a short time. 
It's only been about four years since we started our garden transformation :-).  I am still seeing things I forgot I planted!  Our surprise iris bloomed this year; they were a beautiful white and purple with a touch of yellow.  My friend Joyce shares my passion for flowers and has contributed more than just the lovely iris!  I think that makes it a bit more special to be able to say "my friend" gave me those, don't you think?   

It was quite an early beginning growing season here in Illinois this year.  And then there was that late freeze that killed the tender new leaves and blossoms.  By now everything seems to have filled back in and is oh-so colorful!  So, to help me remember, here is a list of May Blooms:  yellow day lilies, hot pink spirea, purple French lavender, volunteer pansies/violas, silver and purple lamb's ear, lemon yellow yarrow, pastels yarrow, several varieties of coral bells, pink "butter cup" evening primrose (thanks for this invasive weed my friend - it reminds me of our Texas neighborhood empty lot from when I was a kid!), and purple Siberian iris.  The Big Sky cone flowers look just about to bloom, as do the white goose-neck loosetrife and some butter yellow yarrow... and the promise of tomorrow in many others.  Flowers make me smile.